Kairos International University (KIU) is a California U.S. based private, non-profit, international institution of higher learning. KIU offers degree granting programs, intensive seminars, and e-learning/distance education opportunities.

‘The vision of KIU’ is to develop emerging global leaders equipped to engage the world with the gospel by cultivating excellence in worship, ministry and mission.

Kairos International University is a unique global institution. Our ministry is to partner with colleges, universities and seminaries throughout the world that lack access to high quality recognized educational opportunities. We supply biblical and theological scholars, lecturers, professors, on-line classes, and administrators on a needs basis. Upon completion of our required curriculum, students will receive a formally recognized degree from Kairos International University.

We believe that at KIU God is blessing an unprecedented ministry of “equipping the saints” for the global church. Whether you desire to pursue a calling in pastoral ministry, teaching, spiritual direction, counseling, or you are a lay person seeking to improve your ability to serve, we encourage you to consider prayerfully being part of our KIU dynamic, diverse, mission-driven community.

Karis Kim, Ph.D.

Vice President

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